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Founded in July 2018 and based in Salisbury, Compare Quality Care Ltd., jumped head first into its mission to craft a website which will make the search for a care home within the United Kingdom as convenient and hassle-free as possible.

Managing Director Andrew Harrison, working closely with website co-ordinator Ian Pritchard, took on the mammoth challenge of designing a website which would allow people to find a list of care homes in their local area within a matter of seconds. Their aim was to ensure that people could find all the information they need about care homes under a single roof, as opposed to spending hours and hours searching through a myriad of different websites.

With an individual rating for each care home listed on the site, as well as a plethora of details about each individual care home including approximate pricing, our site effectively does the research for you. This means you can spend more time caring for yourself or your loved ones, and less time going through the rigmarole of researching care home after care home.

While it still early days for Compare Quality Care Ltd., the website has gone from strength to strength incredibly quickly. The site has already helped countless people find the perfect care home for themselves or their loved ones, and this number is sure to rise sharply over the years.

We have huge plans for the Compare Quality Care website, and we are excited to see where the future takes us.

Our Team:

Andrew Harrison – Managing Director
Email: Andrew.harrison @ comparequalitycare.co.uk

Ian Pritchard – Website Co-ordinator
Email: ian.pritchard @ comparequalitycare.co.uk

Sales Executive
Email: lauren.jacobs @ comparequalitycare.co.uk


Compare Quality Care Ltd
27 Castle Street
Tel: 01722 237661

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